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Understanding Search – Palm Desert SEO

Understanding Search – or, the Search for Understanding

OK, full disclosure, here: I am writing this for many reasons. One, is to illuminate a fine point about searching for a phrase. Two, is to avoid doing some homework that must be done today. Three, of course, is the need to produce useful content, which can then be used to feed the spiders. So, this will be posted on https://www.palmdesertseo.com/ and on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, for full impact.

With full attribution to Feldman Creative – a fine resource for effective online marketing:

Everyone’s a web content writer now

The gold rush of 1849 produced the term 49er, meaning a person who had gone to California to mine gold.

I just did a Google search for “web content writer.” In a half-second the search engine returned 115-million results. From my POV, it seems today’s mother lode is content marketing, the treasure trove that connects customers to companies.

– See more at: http://feldmancreative.com/2015/04/#sthash.CWug7hmF.dpuf

Reading an article on the Feldman Creative website prompted me to write this one. This article will end abruptly, as I am not driving toward any conclusion. In other words, dear reader, draw your own and send feedback, if you like.

Mr. Feldman might consider me to be one of the “Everyone’s” ilk – I’m not sure. However, that bit about searching, where he quotes the phrase, led to a bit of experimentation. So, I searched, with the quotes – like this: “web content writer.” And, Google produced: About 372,000 results (0.32 seconds)

Now, if I search for web content writer – without the quotes, Google shows: About 116,000,000 results (0.39 seconds) – interesting, would you agree? Try it for yourself. Take a phrase, like: “Palm Desert SEO Expert” and search it with and without quotes and note the difference in the results.

The link I’ve provided in the following paragraph spells it out pretty clearly.
As does Google’s own help page:

“The typical web surfer doesn’t even know about using quotes when searching.”